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Hi, I am Annie, I truly consider myself a Citizen of the World, which I love to travel and meet new people.

I was born into a Greek Family, spent my school years in Switzerland, growing up in London, England, and my husband is from Denmark.


Annie’s Essential Oils stands for the very best of everything I value in my life.

  • Working with people who have dreams to achieve what they want from life.

  • Partnering with a company that supports farmers and their families in difficult areas across the world.

  • Sharing the highest-grade products on the market.

  • Always replenishing & adding to the resources of our planet.

  • Being part of the amazing charitable work to support young girls to have an education.


Let’s get together sometime, and see if you would like to be part of this too…




Annie is passionate about helping people enjoy the incredible benefits of Essential Oils. Whether you are a customer, or a Business builder Annie will always be a constant support and positive influence with her knowledge and kindness of Spirit. I love the products and the values of the amazing company she has Partnered with.



I am constantly in awe of all the wonderful things essential oils can help with in day-to-day life. 


Annie has a wealth of knowledge to share and is so passionate about the oils and all the good that the company she partners with offers to farmers in remote areas across the world. 

I had no idea how easy essential oils are to incorporate into daily living!  Annie’s knowledge of and creative uses for them are fascinating and yet so simple–she translates what feels like a new language into habits that help us to live our best lives! 


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