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Positive World

In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils the company I partner with is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to oil production.

With more than 140 origin oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 45 countries—more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, doTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing.

Co-Impact Sourcing creates shared value for all stakeholders in the supply chain by being at the source and intentionally implementing environmental stewardship and/or social impact initiatives. Co-Impact Sourcing seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. This is a commitment to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity.

Additionally, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® helps support development projects in sourcing communities. Projects include schools, health clinics, improved infrastructure, and clean water systems.

Co-Impact Sourcing strategy is also a deliberate approach to provide ethically responsible employment opportunities for those involved in the essential oil supply chain by creating and sustaining jobs in rural and underserved areas. This is a commitment to benefiting everyone involved: from the small-scale producers to the end-users – from the source to you.


The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has supported the communities of lemongrass farmers and harvesters through initiatives including school bathrooms for girls, and women’s health training and kits for 500 girls through the Days for Girls organization.

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has funded numerous projects in Kenya. These communities were supported by the following programs and initiatives: 

  • Days for Girls kits to 1,000 girls in Lunga Lunga

  • 6000 people supported by water connection to Kiwegu

  • 2000 students supported by water connection to Schools 

  • 12 students supported with scholarships. These scholarships support students in secondary school to pay for tuition and school expenses.

  • 80 girls supported with Girls on Fire leadership training.

In addition to donations from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, we have established a Community Development Fund in Kenya. For every kilogram of essential oil produced by its farmer cooperatives, a portion of revenue is set aside in a fund.


The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has provided a variety of community development projects in Guatemala. At Mario Mendez Montenegro Kindergarten School in Huehuetenango, we were able to provide new bathrooms with toilets for the children, including a new roof to keep them dry during rain. We repaired an old fence and put in a brand-new colourful picket fence around the play area. The building and classrooms were all in need of fresh paint, so everything was repainted—and with bright, beautiful colours and playful designs.

In the Polochic valley, a partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian funded an exciting project—the Sika’abe Training Center. In Q’eqchi, “Sika’abe means “seek your path.” The focus of this training centre will be to break the cycle of poverty by providing vocational training to locals in a variety of areas from construction, woodworking, and welding, to hospitality, to agriculture.


Healing Hands also provided enough funds for one-year salary to hire a new doctor in anticipation of a newly-build, self-sustained hospital in Guatemala. The foundation has supported a variety of other projects as well, including Days for Girls training and kits.

In partnership with Days for Girls, Healing Hands has funded the distribution of more than 30,000 feminine hygiene kits and accompanying education to adolescent girls throughout Nepal.

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