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My Background

My passion has always been Art and while I am still a member of the Royal Academy of Art. I am now “retired” from the professional world of Art, having previously owned a very successful Art Gallery in the heart of Mayfair London.


I was born into a life of Abundance, but that does not mean I have always had a life of ease. We all have infinite potential. When you focus on something you truly desire and visualise clearly what you want in life, the opportunities will appear.


All of this may seem so far away from sharing Essential Oils, but I believe we all have an amazing ability to be Co-creators. Whether that be an artistic Masterpiece or helping someone create their own dreams.


My Approach

I have an opportunity to offer everyone I connect with, giving the choice to develop their own “income-platform” for themselves, while at the same time supporting farmers and their families throughout the world.


I believe everyone has an infinite ability to choose whatever they want from life.


Learn more about how you can work with me…

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